Shocker Dog Collars

At his listening ability on Friday, the judge was cruel and blunt. shocker dog collars are used to dogs to stay in or out of a certain area.

Judge J. Timothy Campbell condemned Liskany to 16 years in jail (six years each for the ambushes and four years for endeavored felonious attack) as opposed to the four years suggested by state probation specialists.

"You have harmed your kids forever. You don't put stun collars on youngsters. When you hear this, it sounds like something from Guantanamo Bay...The just thing you didn't do is wrap their appearances in cheddar material, yet essentially they were water boarded."

Judge Campbell, in condemning the oppressive father

Sheriff's Capt. Eric Spicer said it was the most exceedingly terrible manhandle he's at any point seen. "Almost certainly about it," he said. "This was a drawn-out time of manhandle that was deliberate."

Then, other individuals appeared at the condemning hearing to request mercy, including Liskany's ex. My youngsters did not wish for David to be indicted. I don't feel that detaining him will help. Wendy Liskany, ex, approaching judge for mercy.

Liskany's lawyer said his customer "had communicated regret and was not any more a risk to his kids since he had been requested to avoid them."

Judge Campbell didn't purchase the ex and legal counselor's requests, finding that the ex was somewhat in charge of knowing and enabling the mishandle to happen.

Liskany additionally talked without anyone else benefit. "I simply need the chance to attempt and be a father. That is the thing that I was attempting to do, be a cherishing father."  Liskany, who manhandled his youngsters, to judge at condemning hearing.

Utilizing stun collars on pooches is disputable. Some claim it is a compelling preparing instruments, while others say it is coldhearted.

Dr. Bonnie Beaver, veterinarian at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, says that the collars, in principle, are intended to give a moment discipline, yet that in actuality, "the potential for over utilize and mishandle of these gadgets far exceeds the advantage."

These gadgets [shock collars and fences can give an over the top discipline to the point that the canine is threatened.

They can be incapable on the grounds that the measure of stun is close to nothing poor contact, a lot of hair, feeble battery.

They can be utilized outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand (remote control) on the grounds that the proprietor is frantic at the pooch and "destroys" at a wrong time out of outrage.

It can likewise do critical mental harm to a puppy that does not associate the stun with the purpose behind the stun. The stun is for the most part thought to be inhumane.

One North Texas family says when they left in the midst of some recreation, the pet hotel they paid to deal with their puppy utilized a neckline that conveys a stun to a pooch when it barks.

While Sutton the Dog's proprietors were in Hawaii, she remained at the Park Cities Obedience School and Dog Daycare in Dallas.